American Zhu Kezhen Education Foundation (AZKEF) Fundraising Campaign


November 2004

Respected Alumni of the Zhejiang University :

Warmest greetings from the American Zhu Kezhen Education Foundation (AZKEF)! In this holiday season , the 2004 AZKEF fundraising campaign has promptly kicked off!

You must have never forgotten that you were once enveloped in the nurturing environment of Zhejiang University . The university was a second home to us, as we willingly endowed a part of our youth, our creativity, and our passion there. Many of our alumni have said: “The time in Zheda has changed our lives.” We have every reason to believe that you, like us, have always found ways to keep in touch with Zhejiang University and have contributed to the University in various ways. Your contacts have reinforced your natural bond with the university, and your contributions have helped ZheDa's development to the next level of excellence.

To express our gratitude for our Alma Mater, AZKEF was established in 1995 by Zhejiang University alumni in the United States , with its staff - us - working voluntarily for this organization. We hope that our efforts and your aid and care can help engender new relationships between Zhejiang University and other world-class universities and increase the academic reputation of Zhejiang University in the world. We also feel proud for our dedication and contribution to serving the wishes and needs of the alumni around the globe.

With the help of generous alumni like you, in the past nine years we raised approximately $400,000 to serve Zhejiang University . Our programs include: supporting world leaders in science and technology to present the Zhu Kezhen Annual Distinguished Lectures in Zhejiang University ; supporting current Zheda faculty for sabbatical leave in the United States ; and providing student scholarships. We believe that all these efforts have noticeably increased Zhejiang University 's publicity as a world-renowned university, and we hope that you can help us continue these efforts. For details about the above stated and other activities and accomplishments of the AZKEF, please see “ AZKEF Progress Report 2004 ”.

This year embarks the 10 th anniversary of AZKEF. While we celebrate this anniversary with you, we sincerely hope that you will join us to contribute to the further development of Zhejiang University by donating to AZKEF to enhance its programs. Please contribute in whatever capacity you feel comfortable – no donation is too small to contribute.

To donate, please fill out the enclosed “ Donation Form ,” attach a check payable to AZKEF, and mail them to us. If you have any suggestions or recommendations for us, please feel free to contact any of the AZKEF staff . We will do our very best to address your concerns and to meet your needs.

The AZKEF also encourages contributors to ask about “matching funds” at your employment organization. If your employers can and will provide matching funds, they can match each dollar you donate with however much they match, effectively multiplying the contribution that you make.

We have also added a category for group and organizational donations in addition to the existing individual donations. We can provide necessary information, materials, and funds to start the fundraising process. For details, feel free to contact us.

The AZKEF 2004 fundraising campaign will end at the end of this year. We will greatly appreciate it if you can send out donations promptly so that we may continue our operations on time. Please feel free to relay this information to alumni that you know who may be interested. We also hope that you will have a chance to visit our website at .

AZKEF is a non-profit organization of the United States (see IRS tax-exemption document ) . As such, your donations will be tax-deductible. After we have received your donations, we will provide you with an official receipt indicating the amount you donated.

We sincerely encourage you to closely stay in touch with and actively contribute to the further development of our Alma Mater, such that we will all be able to see Zhejiang University to enjoy an even brighter and more promising future.


Cheng Zhu , President Jianping Gong , Chair of the Fundraising Committee


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