Education Endowment Foundation:NEW: Pupil premium support resource for schools

NEW: Pupil premium support resource for schools

EEF has published a new evidence briefing, Pupil Premium menu’

New Pupil Premium Menu: EEF Evidence Brief’ signposts high-quality evidence to guide spending

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Today, the Education Endowment Foundation (EEF) has released a new evidence brief, which identifies robust research that schools can use to guide their decision-making around how to use their pupil premium funding.

The tool focuses on three central areas of school development recommended by the EEF’s tiered model – high-quality teaching, targeted academic support and wider strategies – to signpost specific evidence-informed resources on important areas of teaching and learning, such as professional development and strategies to support pupils with SEND.

Schools considering potential new approaches to implement using Pupil Premium funding can make use of this resource to consider their options once they have identified the specific barriers that their disadvantaged pupils are facing.

To support planning, the brief explores the evidence related to the Department for Education’s recently published menu of approaches’ and signposts high-quality evidence and practical resources.

For further support, schools can access the EEF’s Guide to the Pupil Premium as a helpful starting point that outlines the steps for developing of an effective Pupil Premium strategy.


EEF guide to the pupil premium

Updated guide to support schools to develop their pupil premium strategy with practical insights and sources based on the best evidence.
Pupil_Premium_Guide_Apr_2022_1.0.pdf - [2.5 MB pdf]
Download file EEF guide to the pupil premium