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Zhu Kezhen Distinguished Lectureship

The Zhu Kezhen Annual Distinguished Lectureship was established in 1997 to bring to Zhejiang University a world leader of a scientific and technological field in which Zhejiang University already has strength to facilitate collaborations. The lecture events are to extend over several days during which the lecturer disseminates the latest advances, discusses the future trends as to where the field is going, and addresses the University community at large. The lectureship is named after Dr. Zhu Kezhen. Thus, the occasion is also an opportunity to remember and honor Dr. Zhu.

[ 2018 ]

 Professor Thomas Dunne, University of California, Santa Barbara  

Professor David Scott Kastan,  Columbia University 

 Professor Harry Liebersohn, University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaig

[ 2017 ]

 Professor Bruce Rittmann, Arizona State University 

 Prof. Stephen P. Goff, Columbia University 

 Sir J. Fraser Stoddart, Northwestern University 

 Professor Jill Pipher, Brown University 

[ 2016 ]

 Professor David Jerison, MIT 

 Professor P. R. Kumar, Texas A&M University 

 Professor Liqun Luo, Stanford University 

 Professor Carol Steiker, Harvard University 

[ 2015 ]

 Professor James M. Tiedje, Michigan State University 

 Professor Shu Chien, UC San Diego 

 Professor Harry Klee, University of Florida 

 Professor Sun-Yung Alice Chang, Princeton University 

 Professor William R. Wagner, University of Pittsburgh 

Professor Tom Ginsburg, University of Chicago Law School
Professor Yusuf A. Hannun, Stony Brook University School of Medicine
Professor Lawrence Craig Evans, University of California, Berkeley

Professor Christos Cassandras, Boston University

Professor Mu-ming Poo, University of California, Berkeley
Professor John Barceló III, Cornell University
Professor R.Graham Cooks, Purdue University

Professor Pol D. Spanos, Rice University  
Professor Thomas Dunne, University of California, Santa Barbara   
Professor Luis A. Caffarelli, University of Texas at Austin   

Professor Linda Saif, Ohio State University 
Professor Stenphen Quake, Stanford University
Professor Carlos E. Kenig, University of Chicago 

Professor Raymond L. Erikson, Harvard University
Professor Marshall W. Meyer, University of Pennsylvania
Professor Zhigang Suo, Harvard University 
Professor Yu Xie, University of Michigan

Professor Philip Benfey, Duke University

Professor Xiaodong Wang, University of Texas

Professor Barry S. Cooperman, University of Pennsylvania
Professor Shu Chien, UCSD
Professor Klaus Schulten, UIUC

Professor Chih-Ming Ho, UCLA 
Professor Van C. Mow, Columbia University 
Professor B.F. Spencer, Jr., UIUC 
Professor Kang G. Shin, University of Michigan

Professor Chenming Hu, University of California, Berkeley 
Professor Eicke R. Weber, University of California at Berkeley 
Dr. Zhenan Bao, Distinguished Member of Technical Staff, Bell Labs, Lucent Technologies

Professor Charles Lieber, Harvard University “Nanotech in Today's World” 

Professor Guoqiang Tian, Texas A&M University
"Incentives, Information, and Economic Mechanism Design"

Professor Larry Yuchi Ho, Harvard University "Discrete Event Dynamic Systems, Ordinal Optimization, and Computational Intelligence

Professor Umit Ozguner, Ohio State University 
Professor Masayoshi Tomizuka, University of California, Berkeley 
Professor Karl Hedrick, University of California, Berkeley 
Professor Pitu Mirchandani, University of Arizona 
Professor Chuck Thorpe, Carnegie Mellon University "Theory and Practice of Intelligent Transportation Systems"

Professor Alexander M. Meystel, National Institute of Standards and Technology and Drexel University: "Intelligent Systems and Intelligent

Professor George T. Tsao, Purdue Univerrsity: "Renewable Resources Engineering"