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Zhu Kezhen Scholarship

Scholarships are the most direct means to benefit students and can offer a forceful attraction to the best prospective students to attend ZU. Scholarship to graduate students also carries an implicit support for the research program of the major professor. The Foundation investigated the awarding of scholarships as one of the first items on its agenda upon formation. At the same time some friends of the Foundation inquired about setting up named scholarships in memory of departed loved ones. Unfortunately an Internal Revenue Service ruling was in effect that funds raised by tax-exempt charities were restricted to be used in America; the Foundation was unable to send scholarship funds abroad. Then in 2000 the ruling was changed. It became allowable to send scholarship funds abroad, but there are requirements on the administration of the scholarships and the reporting of it to the Foundation from the recipient institutions. We have complied with counsel's advice and are pleased to announce that we are prepared to accept and forward scholarship funds to ZU. The Foundation welcomes scholarship donations to benefit ZU students. The Foundation will accept donations for named scholarships as well as general scholarships; the latter will carry the designation of American Zhu Kezhen Scholarship. Named scholarships can be set up in the name of a living person, or in memory of a departed loved one. The scholarship can be set up for perpetuity, for a specified number of years, to be renewed every year, or for just one year. To donate a named scholarship please call, write or e-mail an official of the Foundation. A named scholarship of shorter term can be set up with simple exchange of letters. A named scholarship of longer term should best be set up with a legal agreement, and our counsel has prepared the legal form for the donor to approve.

In 2001 the Foundation begins to sponsor American Zhu Kezhen Scholarships at ZU with $5,000 to be awarded to eight graduate students each with RMB Y5,000. The total amount will increase to $10,000 in the second year to be awarded to twice as many students. To donate to American Zhu Kezhen Scholarship please so indicate on the annual fund campaign return slip and include the donation in your check.

The first named scholarship that has been donated to the Foundation is the Ching Shih Scholarship by Mr. and Mrs. Chou-Hsiung Lee. In the first year $2,000 is donated to support ten ZU freshman students at $200 each. In the second year ten new freshman students are added at $200 each and the donation increases to $4,000. Each year there is an increment of 10 students and $2,000 until the fourth year when 40 students receive $8,000. The number of students and donation remain constant from there on.