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Zhu Kezhen Fellowship

Fellowships are awarded to support selected faculty members of Zhejiang University (including its various branch campuses) for advanced study and research in American universities. The Foundation has supported one Zhu Kezhen Fellow per year with a stipend of $15,000 for one year’s tenure. Upon consultation with ZU the tenure of Zhu Kezhen Fellow will be changed beginning in 2002 from one year to three months. Two fellows will be in tenure in America in any year with a stipend of $7,000 for each.

Prof. Yong He of School of Agriculture

Prof. Li Wei of Mechanical Engineering

Prof. Pi Dao-Ying of the Laboratory of Industrial Control Technology

1 Prof. Yan Xiao-Gang of Biomedical Engineering and Computer Science

1 Prof. Wu Chao-Hui of the Computer Science Department