Education Endowment Foundation:Research Schools Network to continue until at least 2026

Research Schools Network to continue until at least 2026

The EEF has announced that it will fund the Research Schools Network (RSN) for a further three years.

EEF commits to continuing direct support for schools for a further three years.

Press Release •1 minutes •

Today, the EEF has announced that it will fund the Research Schools Network (RSN) for a further three years, allowing it to continue its work supporting schools to translate evidence into practice until at least 2026.

The 27 Research Schools and 11 Associate Research Schools in the RSN work with others in their region, providing evidence-based training and follow-on support to with implementing lessons from research into teaching practice. For the last six years, the network has played a significant role in building connections between schools, supporting the use of evidence at scale.

The commitment to funding the RSN from 2023 – 2026 will form a central part of the next phase of the EEF’s regional work. In this period, the RSN will work to:

  • Continue to communicate and promote engagement with evidence by building awareness and motivation;
  • Demonstrate, through a broader and more diverse suite of exemplification, what evidence informed practices and processes look like in different contexts;
  • Support groups of schools through deeper place-based partnerships, providing sustained training and support, focused on reaching disadvantaged pupils; and
  • Work with the EEF to create change at scale by working with key organisations and building their capacity to embed more evidence-informed practices and processes within their work.

During the summer term, current members of the RSN will have the opportunity to apply to continue as Research Schools beyond 2023. An open application process for new members of the network is expected to run in spring 2023.

Professor Becky Francis, Chief Executive of the Education Endowment Foundation said: